Wikipedia (@Wikipedia)

Wikipedia (@Wikipedia)

An increasing number of articles achieve this standard over time, and many curently have. “Wikipedia Rules” The Phoenix, az Retrieved February 22, 2008. Lay overview (PDF) (29 March 2015). L. 23. Archived from the original (PDF) on 15 January 2015. Archived from your original on February 9, 08.

The working languages at the EL Secretariat are English and People from france. Wikipedia articles are all linked, or cross-referenced. Archived from the original (PDF) on September 25, 2007. Simply, this is because editors often contribute content material in which they have a particular interest , nor attempt to make each article which they edit comprehensive.

Articles depicting what several critics have called objectionable articles (such as Feces, Cadaver, Human being penis, Vulva, and Nudity ) contain graphic pictures and comprehensive information easily available to anyone with internet access, including children.

89 It must not existing original research A claim that will probably be challenged requires a reference to a reliable supply Among Wikipedia editors, this is often phrased as “verifiability, not truth” to convey the idea that the readers, not the encyclopedia, are ultimately responsible for checking the reliability of the articles and making their very own interpretations.

Anyone with Internet access can write plus make changes to Wikipedia posts, except in limited cases exactly where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or even vandalism. ISBN 978-0-415-37679-2 Retrieved 11 February 2015. ISBN 978-0-415-28079-2 Gathered 26 February 2015.